Overview: All executives and leaders desire to promote innovation in their departments and companies. The way to think about innovation is, however, unclear.


All executives and leaders desire to promote innovation in their departments and companies. The way to think about innovation is, however, unclear. The real challenge they face is not what to do about promoting innovation, but how to think about the subject. Being talented, once the ways of thinking about innovation are settled in their mind, future leaders get adept at figuring out how they might go about implementing some ideas. It is a long journey, but the first step is always hesitant. This master class addresses some of these issues.

The master class…….
  1. There will be two 90 minute sessions. The first session will address what are the barriers and myths surrounding innovation. The second session will elucidate the triggers and the teasers around innovation. Sessions will tend to be anecdotal and real-life. There will be a few presentation slides, but the sessions will have enough porosity to draw participants into discussion and to narrate issues/experiences.
  2. Session 1 on ‘Barriers and Myths’: Innovation ideas and concepts—Innovation myths—Big bang versus small steps—Jugaad, Gambiarra, Zuzhu Chuang Xin and Kluge (Apollo 13 video) —Growth and fixed mind-sets (Carol Dweck video) and culture setting.
  3. Session 2 on ‘Triggers and Teasing’: Innovation realities—the inverted triangles—Frugal is not about less features (Swach video)—Dare to try organisational system—generating a movement (Dandi video. Both the sessions will rely on stories and anecdotes to strengthen awareness of self-evident of learning.
  • Each participant will certainly have at least a few personal takeaways which he/ she will be determined to think about.
  • The act of thinking about innovation as a basic leadership deliverable will trigger the desire to learn more and develop an individual plan of action.
  • Expected outcomes are (i) Inspiration: we too can do it. (ii) Curiosity: how should we go about it. (iii) Balance: imagination versus execution
  • This content of this program has been delivered over the last five years to practising managers and students of management. Therefore the content has been tested and refined, based on these experiences.
  • Much of the content of this masterclass has been derived from the articles and books written by Gopal. Gopal’s CV is attached to this concept note.