July 8, 2005


8th July 2005, ECONOMIC TIMES

While reflecting about the column on careers and business life, I asked myself what purpose could be served by such an effort. A simple idea, supported by a simple story, could be a positive format for learning and reflection and practising managers could find that useful.
January 11, 2005

MISS MUMBAI: Twelve million drops of blood

11th January 2005, ECONOMIC TIMES

I am a tiny drop of blood, barely half of a thousandth of a milliliter in volume. There are over ten million droplets like me and, together, we slosh around frenetically each day to make up the body of a vibrant and hugely productive individual. This person is called Miss Mumbai, unique among her peers. She means everything to us, she nurtures us and has made us whoever we are; we drops of blood, in turn, nourish and serve her with loyalty and gratitude.