Wisdom for Start-ups from Grown-ups: Discovering Corporate Ayurveda

Today’s startups will be tomorrow grownups. Think of TCS, Infosys and Marico. Grownups can share some eternal lessons. Discover this secret sauce.tomorrow

A sequel to 2017 best seller, A Biography of innovation - Birth to Maturity

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What makes some companies survive the test of time while others struggle and perish?

Corporations do not exist in isolation; they are always part of something else, something bigger-an ecosystem. Inspired by the secrets of shinise (Japanese companies dating back to the time of samurais), R. Gopalakrishnan and R. Narayanan take a deep dive into the art of growing and sustaining a business. Over the forty-eight years of his close association with Unilever and Tata, Gopalakrishnan has gathered experiences and know-how about what makes companies tick, while Narayanan, having worked with Coca-Cola, Nestlé and then two start-ups of his own, has developed keen insights about angel investing and mentoring.

Wisdom for Start-ups from Grown-ups is the culmination of their collaborative effort to bring the best of what grown-ups have to offer to start-ups, presented in the form of all-important lessons.


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